Blue Cab Always looks to the future, embracing change, and adapting to new ideas and technology.

At Blue Cab, our focus on the ever changing role that technology will have on our customers’  travel experience and the reliability & trust that we have established with our current customers for over 90 years and those  we look forward to providing quality transportation to for the first time. Every passenger is important to us!  We embrace technology & strive to be as accessible as possible to our customers through laptops, tablets & and personal hand held devices. While the Blue Cab “app” is launched (click to download on Android or Apple), we anticipate continuous change with our ability to serve our customers. We also don’t plan to change our successful strategy of always having a “live” person to talk with if that is preferred.

 Blue Cab plans to expand it’s reach across the Greater Chicagoland Area

Our continued vision for growth into serving a larger geographic area surrounding the Greater Chicagoland Region is already underway. We look forward to and are enthusiastic about our enhanced role in the communities that we have expanded into. Our fleet of vehicles and opportunities for personal growth for our employees and owner/operators continues to expand and provides excitement in our quest to be the preferred transportation provider in the Metro area.

 Blue Cab sees room for growth into varied fields of transportation

While personal travel will always be the core of our business, our dedicated attention to expanding our Corporate, Medical Facilities(Hospitals), Wellness Care Scheduling, Educational Institutions(Schools/Universities) and providing flexible, reliable and cost managed transportation options will continue to challenge us to be innovative and forward planning in the years to come.

What we're doing for our Passengers and Driver's Protection

  • EPA & OSHA® approved the sanitizing process of non-toxic liquid ozone. This application takes less than one minute, killing 99.9% of germs and has proven to be 50% stronger and 3000x faster than bleach without the odor. This process is repeated daily.
  • Daily supply of the ozone sanitizing solution provided for additional sanitizing after every passenger.
  • Disinfectant wipes are used on frequently touched areas. 
  • "SILVER DEFENDER TAPE"  -Antimicrobial film is also applied to high touch areas; door handles (exterior & interior), latches, etc. This protects the spread of bacteria, mold, etc. on surfaces & effectively kills germs on contact.
  • Drivers are equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) -Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • No shared rides unless absolutely necessary; passengers are required to sit in the back seat only.