Succeeding in a man’s world

# 15 May 2017

Forest Park Blue Cab’s Success in a Male-Dominated Industry

In the early 1950s, women made up just 30% of the total workforce of the United States. Since this time, women have increased their presence to 46.5%, almost equivalent to that of men. Even though this is a huge step, there are still many industries where women are not fairly represented. Transportation is one of these industries, with the presence of women working full-time in the field being at a mere 13 percent.

Equal Employment Opportunity?

There is no denying that the presence of women in the workforce has significantly risen. However, these numbers do not necessarily prove equality. There are several areas where women are poorly underrepresented, including construction, plumbing, management, transportation, and more. Despite the grandiose changes that have given women the empowerment to enter the work force in the field of their choosing, there is still some discrimination when it comes to male-dominated fields.

Forest Park Blue Cab

However, there are women in these male-dominated industries that rise to the top. Women like Jerilyn Ugaste, of Forest Park Blue Cab, possess the power to succeed in such industries and inspire all women to work toward their goals, no matter what field they choose.

Jerilyn Ugaste is the owner of Forest Park Blue Cab, a cab company located just outside of Chicago, at 7417 Roosevelt Rd. She has owned the business since 1979 and managed to flourish in the second largest industry in the entire country. When she started in this position, many people did not believe she could succeed. Today, however, Forest Park Blue Cab is the oldest female-owned transportationcab company in the country. Ugaste is one of only 12 women managing a transportationcab service in the entire United States.

Ugaste’s management skills and realization of the needs of the company have helped push Forest Park Blue Cab to the top. Blue Cab has always used the latest technology to produce the service that customers want. Since the early 1950s, two-way radios were used to increase the speed at which drivers could be dispatched. By 1963, another two-way radio allowed the dispatcher to monitor the driver’s meter to see if it was working. Blue Cab uses the most advanced dispatching system available, which uses automated call ordering, Mobile Data Terminals, and GPS (Global Positioning System) to provide customers with quick response times. These systems are used in over 120 cabs operated by the company, and Ugaste oversees 140 cab drivers, 20 office personnel, and even manages Northwest Delivery, a messenger service with 10 vehicles. The company can be reached at (708) 583-6900 for dispatch and (708) 383-2121 for the office.

Service and Management Matters

It took a lot of hard work for Jerilyn Ugaste to succeed in a man’s world. However, she broke through barriers by learning the business inside and out. She learned both management and cars to ensure she knew about repairs, costs, and who she could trust in the business. She learned to make the tough decisions necessary to reach success in a male-dominated industry. By leading her team of workers, and providing the services that customers want, Ugaste helped Forest Park Blue Cab rise to the top.