Blue Cab Brings you the future today

Today Blue Cab is using the most advanced dispatching system on the market. Utilizing GPS , automated call ordering and mobile data terminals resulting in fast response times in the Chicago metro area.

In this digital age, Blue Cab Offers a great cash alternative with the Blue Card

With the introduction of the Blue Card, we have taken another step into the future, removing cash from the equation for many of our riders. With pre-paid services, you’ll never wonder if you have the money you need to get home. Easily reloadable, ┬áthe Blue Card program is a great gift for students and friends that you know use our services.

Reliable 24/7 Transportation Service is Blue Cab’s main objective

With our ever expanding staff and high expectations from our drivers, we aim to provide services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our knowledgeable staff is always prepared to help you get where you need to go expediently and at a reasonable price. We regularly update our vehicles and technology to fit in both form and function of  the ever changing world.