With 90+ years of experience Blue Cab is the right choice to drive you.

Founded in Oak Park in 1923, Blue Cab is one of the oldest cab companies in the Chicago metro area. At Blue Cab we have been dedicated to innovation in the transportation service industry since we opened our doors over 90 years ago. Leading the way in transportation service by consistently adopting state of the art technology. Before the use of two way radios in the private sector, Blue Cab installed telephone stations for our drivers to use, making it easier for the people of the metro area to get their cabs much quicker.

blue cab dispatch past

Always ahead of the curve, Blue Cab continues to innovate, pushing the transportation industry forward in the Chicagoland area

In the 1950’s Blue Cab, was one of the first to add two-way radios into all of our transportations. Enabling dispatchers to more efficiently reach our drivers and increase speed of pick-ups for all of our customers around the Chicago metro area.  In 1963, again helping to usher in a new era of transportation service added a second two-way radio, allowing dispatch to know when the driver’s meter was on. This allowed the dispatch office to more accurately find and schedule the next available transportation, once again decreasing dispatch wait times.

In short, Blue Cab knows your time is valuable, and we’re constantly looking for new and exciting ways to revolutionize the transportation service industry in the Chicago metro area.