Idrive camera

# 11 Apr 2017

The need – Why monitor what your vehicles are doing?

If your home or business has a vehicle, even a car your teenager drives, a delivery vehicle, municipality owned or a dump truck, you have thousands of dollars tied up in its use.

Businesses are not contained to buildings. Many businesses have vehicles that are used daily in its operation. Owners are now demanding security for those vehicles because not only are they of great value, but misuse can cost billions of dollars lost in insurance, wear and tear, gas, potential litigation and time.

The control that Idrive gives to managers or owners, let’s them know that their business is being looked after. This combined with irrefutable facts of cost and time savings make the next entrance into the surveillance world an obvious expansion. The video camera brings excellent results. The camera’s most powerful tool is that it works based on behavior modification; people behave differently if they feel they’re being watched.

Visibility into your fleet

Safety record and operating costs are the business’ risk factors that are directly affected by the driver’s behavior on the road. By using a risk management solution, a business can reduce costs and significantly increase their fleet safety.

More than 90% of all collisions involve driver error. Idrive is the risk management solution that focuses on the driver and driver behavior in traffic offering full visibility: video with sound, speed and location. Idrive Monitoring Systems helps fleets identify risky driving behavior that pose a threat to the safety of drivers, passengers and other traffic participants.

A safer driver

The idea behind the Idrive X1 is that is not only will record accidents when they occur, reducing litigations costs, but it ensures driver modification. Behavior modification is the first step to becoming a safer driver. Many of us who have been driving for years are guilty of unknowingly picking up bad driving habits that don’t often get corrected. Many of these driving bad habits include texting, talking on the phone, eating or drinking while driving, not checking our mirrors as often as we should, etc. Many of us continue these habits with no repercussions however, with laws getting stricter and roads getting more crowded these habits can have deadly results. This is especially important within the transportation industry where your driver is responsible for the safety of their passenger, goods being transported and others on the road. If people know that they are being recorded they drive better.

What this means for your company? If you are the owner of a business the cost of bad driving habits and wrongly accused accidents comes straight out of your pocket. Wrongly accused accidents occur more than normal in the transportation industry as accidents are more likely considering the amount of driving done. However, having an event data recorder ensures that the person to blame will be irrefutable which will cut litigation costs significantly. Safety is also a big concern for the transportation industry as both your employees and customer’s lives are important to you and at the top of your priority. Having the ability to record your drivers will help to modify their habits to keep them safe and your customer safe. When you combine this with the cost savings, why not is a better question.