Halloween Safety Tips for Metropolitan Areas

# 09 May 2017

Halloween Safety Tips for Metropolitan Areas

Halloween is a time for fun, scares, and candy. Though Halloween is a fun time, it can also be dangerous when the proper safety steps are not followed. To ensure safety during the Halloween holiday in busy metropolitan areas, be sure to follow these guidelines.

Costume Safety

Costumes are a large part of the Halloween holiday, and kids and adults alike, love to dress up to go to parties or out trick-or-treating. Though this is fun, costumes can also be hazardous to drivers and children if the proper precautions are not taken. Before purchasing a costume, look for a fire-resistant labeling. If homeowners have jack-o-lanterns with candles, they could become a potential fire hazard. To remedy this, hem the child’s costume before it is worn. When choosing a costume, it is also important to avoid facial masks. Face masks, or any costume that covers the face and obscures vision can be dangerous. Instead, use face paint to make faces and unique designs. Finally, when children go trick-or-treating, cover the costume and their bag with glow-in-the-dark, or reflective tape. This will help motorists and other group members see them if it becomes too dark.


Many kids look forward to trick-or-treating most of the year. Though this is an exciting time, it is important to remember to take precautions and stay safe on Halloween. Before trick-or-treating, a responsible adult should plan out a route for children and adolescents. They should also ensure that each child can have a working flashlight, in case they do become separated from the group. Finally, children should all know the phone number of their parents or other emergency contacts.

When trick-or-treating, both adolescents and children should travel in groups.  Each group should have at least one cell phone in case of emergencies. Children should also be accompanied by a responsible adult. When walking around neighborhoods, walk on the sidewalk and be aware of traffic, animals, and other surroundings. When crossing the street, use the crosswalk and obey traffic signals. Before walking up to a house, children should ensure the porch light is on. Finally, they should only accept treats at the door, and should never enter anyone’s home.

Returning Home

Once children and adolescents return home from trick-or-treating, they should allow their parents to go through their candy. Any fruits should be cut into, to ensure they are safe to eat. If candy, treats, or fruits have loose, damaged, or missing wrappers, they should immediately be discarded.

Tips for Homeowners

People choosing to pass out candy on Halloween can also take steps to ensure the safety of children. Before trick-or-treating begins, they should carefully remove all debris and leaves from sidewalks. They should also use glow sticks, instead of flame to light jack-o-lanterns.  Flames are a fire hazard, and long costumes may burn. Homeowners should also be sure to hand out only securely wrapped candy.

Tips for Older Celebrants

For those of you that plan to go out with your friends for an evening of costume clad revelry, remember, Halloween around this area can be cold! We all want to look “hot” when we go out with our friends, but be sure to bring a jacket along because you’ll need it after dark when traveling. Also don’t forget the cost of drunk driving this holiday. There is nothing more embarrassing than being arrested for DUI while you’re dressed up in a Halloween costume. Why risk thousands in fines, lost wages, lawyer fees, and loss of your driver’s license, when for the cost of a few drinks, you can have a safe, warm ride home from your fun night out? Blue Cab is Open 24/7 and with the new Blue Cab App, Available in your favorite app stores, or on our site, it’s faster than ever to get your transportation. For safe Halloween transportation around the western suburbs, contact Blue Cab, located at 7417 Roosevelt Road in Forest Park, Illinois, phone number (708) 583-6900.