Communication Marriage

# 06 May 2017

Communication Marriage:  Technology and People


All of our lives are different these days; in fact most of us don’t even recognize how different time are.  We’ve been around since 1923 and we’ve seen a lot of changes, but nothing like the last decade.


During the last 10 years we’ve learned that people communication is more important than ever, but many of our riders prefer to electronically communicate.


We’ve developed our Blue Cab Transportation App. Download it here.  Similar to ride share services, our app offers you all the bells and whistles of communicating with our dispatchers and drivers electronically.


We recently asked our customers how we can improve our electronic communication.   Over 40% of our customers use our app or website to book their ride and communicate with our drivers.


So we’re improving…. We’re going to be announcing even more new features soon with our electronic communication solution for you.  Our app, our online booking, texting and real time driver communication are all areas important to our customers.  We strive to answer these needs and we have.


We want to thank every one of our customers for your feedback.  We’re not just a transportation company, we’re your partner, your driver, you’re freedom to be anywhere in the city when you need to be.