Cab Companies Using The I Drive Camera For Driver Safety

# 03 Apr 2017

Cab Companies Using The I Drive Camera For Driver Safety

The I Drive Camera is being installed in thousands of cabs all over the world to improve driver safety. IDrive technology is already being used by many businesses for GPS tracking, parking sensors, and tire pressure monitoring systems. All of these new technologies were developed with safety in mind. The new camera system from IDrive is no different.

This isn’t Big Brother. This is safety. The cameras are being installed in the back so f transportationcabs to record the interactions between the drivers and the passengers. The goal is not necessarily to record what the driver is doing right or wrong. The cameras are to be used to monitor passenger behavior.

Live streaming offers added security. When a problem is detected with the camera, dispatchers can call for help. Driving a cab is a dangerous business. Drivers never really know who is getting into their cab or what their intentions might be. While the I Drive Camera cannot stop a crime in progress, it can significantly reduce response time and record valuable information to be used later by law enforcement.

Videos are time and date stamped and stored in an internal memory. They can be accessed from the internal memory and reviewed or monitored from the IDrive Base Station. Audio and video footage is automatically downloaded to the IDrive Control Center whenever the vehicle is in network range, or can be accessed by removing the USB flash drive and plugging it into the server.

The I Drive Camera lets fleet managers see everything that is going on inside the vehicles. Cab drivers are frequently victimized by criminals in need of quick cash. With these cameras, these once anonymous criminals can now be observed through video and audio recordings, identified by law enforcement, apprehended, and convicted. Yes, these cameras help fleet managers reduce costs by monitoring driver behavior. There most important benefit, however, might be as a tool to help prevent crimes against cab drivers.