Blue Cab Listens and Continues to Improve Service

# 02 May 2017

Blue Cab Listens and Continues to Improve Service


Blue Cab is no rookie in moving people, in fact, Blue Cab is the oldest transportation service company in America owned by a female.  Moving people is much more than a driver and dispatcher, so we’ve learned.


Today we’re communicating with our passengers in ways only dreamed of a few short years ago.  Our passengers are demanding greater accessibility and better information about their ride.


With our own app to track your driver to our trained dispatchers, our upgraded vehicles to our sophisticated dispatch system, we are always looking for better ways to improve our business.


We recently asked our passengers how you felt about four areas of our business.

  1. Our Drivers
  2. Our Vehicles
  3. Dispatchers
  4. Customer Experience


We thank every passenger for giving us your time, and we congratulate XXXXXXXX for winning a $100 gift certificate during our survey.


We understand our business offers many benefits over ride share programs and other Chicago based transportation companies.  However we strive for the best experience for our customers.


Airport travel is very important to our customers.  Communication with a dispatcher on the telephone is important.  You will always have a live person to answer your call and hold us accountable to your pick up time.  This comes as no surprise, our digital world offers a lot of benefits, but our history has taught us our customers love to talk!  Probably because we’re moving people, not packages.  We are moving people who have deadlines and prefer to hear a dispatcher tell them when they’ll be home to their family.


We are committing to our customers to continue to improve our communication and accountability.  We thank you for giving us your amazing feedback!